3 Reasons You Need A Home Theater Projector (+1 Bonus)

3 Reasons You Need A Home Theater Projector (+1 Bonus)

Customizable Screen

The beauty of projectors is that they can be used on any surface instead of just ones. Many projector owners prefer to project onto custom-made screens or white-painted walls to assure quality, but this isn't required. You can re-adjust your home theater projector infinitely because it doesn't require a set frame size.

Do you need a massive image for a blockbuster film? Or perhaps a little one to fit into a small space? One projector can accomplish both, and its image may be projected onto any flat surface!

Reduce Eye Strain

When it comes to eye comfort, projectors have two distinct advantages. Because projector users can project larger images, eyestrain is less of an issue. When looking at small graphics and images on a TV, viewers are forced to go closer to their screens and struggle to focus.

Additionally, the type of light emitted by projectors reduces eye strain. The use of reflected light in projectors has a lower visual impact on the eye, unlike the emitted light of TVs. So you can comfortably binge-watch to your heart’s content.

Compact Size

While a large-screen TV's size may dazzle some, it also restricts the device's mobility and utility. A projector the size of a laptop, on the other hand, can display a large image on a variety of surfaces but also has versatile placement.

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5 Tips to Make Your Speaker Last a Lifetime [+1 Bonus!]

5 Tips to Make Your Speaker Last a Lifetime [+1 Bonus!]

1. Dust Be Gone

Dust is possible the most destructive enemy of any speaker. It infiltrates your wire connectors where the wire and metal meet, disrupting the electrical signals and adding annoying noise to your system's sound. Not to mention dust can also damage your wiring and ruin the effectiveness of your speaker.

So how do you fight off dust? Regular cleaning using dust pads, dry cloths, air canisters, and vacuum cleaners. Just make sure to avoid damaging the cone drivers or tweeters, and never, EVER, use any liquids.

You can also place your speakers in a room with minimal dust or store them in a protective case when not in use.

2. Heat, Go Away

Another danger to your speakers is heat, which primarily comes from exposure to the sun. If left in direct sunlight, your speakers can overheat and damage the electromagnetic voice coils and totally ruin your sound.

The best way to avoid heat is to keep your speakers away from any windows and avoid direct sunlight. Don't forget to keep your speakers away from any hot areas in your home like fireplaces, heaters, and vents. And if your speaker has vent holes, make sure to keep them free of obstructions.

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5 Ways Smart Thermostats Will Save You Money in 2022

5 Ways Smart Thermostats Will Save You Money in 2022

1. Customizable Features

With a smart thermostat, you'll have a variety of control mechanisms at your disposal. Using adaptable times and room-specific settings, you'll have more control over every aspect of your home's energy. So, you'll have control over how much energy you're using at any given point.

You can even improve how much you save by having separate thermostats for different floors, giving you granular control over which rooms to heat. This way, you can keep your bedroom at the optimum temperature and keep that unused guest bedroom at a low temperature and not waste any energy.

2. Knows What You Need

One aspect that sets smart thermostats apart from regular thermostats is the ability to learn your behavior. The smart technology in these thermostats works is by knowing when you're home or away and adjusting your settings accordingly. So, even if you input a schedule, you don't have to always stick to it to get great results.

You'll even receive tailored notifications asking to readjust your settings according to the new data it processes, so your home always operates at the ideal temperature.

3. Smart Technology Tracking

Speaking of smart technology, another benefit smart thermostats provide is their tracking capability, which translates to more energy savings. With the monthly energy reports you receive from your thermostat, you can easily see where you're using the most energy. And since these things have high-powered brains, you'll also receive personalized recommendations on how to improve your energy savings.

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In-ceiling Speakers: Are They Any good? 5 Reasons You Need Them

In-ceiling Speakers: Are They Any good? 5 Reasons You Need Them

How In-Ceiling Speakers Benefit You


In-ceiling speakers aren’t intended to replace floor-standing or mounted speakers. It’s just a way to add some flair to your audio while also limiting some of the clutter. No one is staring into your ceiling arrangement, after all. Apart from decluttering, in-ceiling speakers are beneficial for a variety of reasons, including:

1. Not Costly

The majority of low-cost ceiling speakers provide excellent sound quality and value for money. So, if you’re trying to stick to a strict budget while adding to your home audio, there’s no need to worry about it taking up the entire budget.

2. Impressive Sound Quality

Despite their relatively small size, ceiling speakers can transmit beautifully detailed music from above and even help enhance the surround sound of your speakers. Even theaters use them to add to the surround sound experience, so why not add a couple to your home. 


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