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3 Ways to Make Your TV's Black Boxes Disappear

3 Ways to Make Your TV's Black Boxes Disappear

Method #1: In-Wall Storage Box

Occasionally, with smaller video sources like Apple TV or Roku media players, people might choose to attach these on the back of their TV or on the wall behind the TV. While this effectively hides devices from the front, it pushes the TV off the wall by a couple of inches, ruining the look from the side. An easy solution is to simply put them inside the wall!

Today’s in-wall enclosures are designed to fit between the wall studs. These come in different sizes (14” x 14” is most common) and give you a place to install one or more small components. These enclosures can easily accommodate small network switches or surge protectors. With your sources recessed into the wall, your TV can now mount right up against your wall surface for a true low-profile installation.

Method #2: HDMI Extenders

Standard HDMI cables are not intended for, or sometimes even capable of, sending 4K video and high-resolution audio signals very far. They are usually limited to about 20 to 30 feet before things get more complicated. That makes it difficult to hide a game system or Blu-ray player inside a cabinet or a closet that isn’t close by. HDMI Extenders give you the extra distance needed to make this happen.

HDMI Extenders, sometimes called “baluns,” are actually two boxes. One is a transmitter, and the other is a receiver. They are connected by a category cable like Cat5e or Cat6. A shielded category cable works best and is preferred when possible. The video source (Xbox, PS5, cable box, Blu-ray, etc.) plugs into the transmitter and sends the HDMI signal over the cable to the receiver where your TV is located. From there, the HDMI cable connects the receiver to your TV’s HDMI input, and you’re set! This inexpensive method allows you to achieve distances as far as 330 feet!

Method #3: Video Distribution

This option not only lets you hide all your video sources, but it also allows you to share them amongst every TV in the house. It’s like Method #2 but with multiple sources in a single location distributed to every TV in your home. You gain several benefits with a video distribution system:

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It’s Summer Movie Season: Prepare Your Home Theater!


It’s summer movie season, and that means it’s time to recline those seats, pop some popcorn, and figure out who gets to choose the first film for summer movie nights! 

The best part of having a home theater is that you don’t have to leave your house for amazing picture and sound. With your home theater at the ready, you and your family can make your own summer movie nights – all from the comfort of your couch or other home theater seating. 

Before you settle in for summer blockbuster after summer blockbuster, you need to make sure your favorite room in the house is ready to go! Our experts at AV Design Consultants want to ensure your whole family has seamless summer entertainment experiences, so keep reading to find out where to focus your efforts to get the most movie magic possible. 

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