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How Smart Shading is Handy for Fall


And ... Scene

Life isn’t so much one big moment as it is a tapestry of little moments, strung together by our human memories. And if we can improve upon all of those little moments, we can make life just that much better.

Enter smart shading.

With smart shading solutions from Savant (say that ten times fast!) you can easily set your home’s shading for the seasons or the weather. Your shades can be scheduled to move with the time of day or the position of the sun. It’s pitch-perfect control over life’s little moments, but on a grand scale.

Cultured Convenience

After a long day of cleaning, working, chasing the kids around, and all of the other “super fun” things that make up being an adult that our parents never warned us about, adding another task to the chore list can sound like, well, a chore.

Take this, for example: You sit down after a long, hard day and sit down to watch the TV. The setting sun is behind you, and the glare from it is coming through the WINDOWS AND RUINING YOUR TV OH MY WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?

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A Look at 2 Lutron Motorized Shades Options

A Look at 2 Lutron Motorized Shades Options

Learn More About Lutron Serena and Triathlon Window Treatments!

If you’ve kept up with our blog for long, you know AV Design Consultants loves showing customers that motorized shades do more than most people give them credit for. Most people know that they raise and lower and sometimes block sunlight, but it might surprise them to learn that they can save clients substantially in energy bills, top off a room’s design, eliminate glare from screens and more.

While we’ve described their benefits at length, maybe you’ve moved past that stage. You’ve seen how Lutron works in stores or through our video tutorials and know that it’s the right solution for your Fort Smith, AR home’s lighting and shading needs. If this describes you, we venture to guess that you want to explore more details about popular offerings and assess their pros and cons. Today, we’ll discuss two popular Lutron shading options - Serena and Triathlon. Curious? Let’s dive in.

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4 Reasons Homeowners Shouldn’t Overlook Motorized Shades

4 Reasons Homeowners Shouldn’t Overlook Motorized Shades

Upgrading Your Home? Here’s Why You Should Prioritize Motorized Window Treatments

It’s unfortunate but true: Sometimes motorized shades seem like an afterthought, even for integrated homes. Homeowners often choose to upgrade other smart home functions, like whole-home AV, security, media room and more before they consider replacing their manual shades with some automated varieties.

When you consider the possibilities inherent in one technology, however, you won’t want to miss motorized shades for your Bentonville, AR, home. They’re simultaneously some of the most design-focused and pragmatic equipment available for homes today.  

How? Few upgrades can impact your home’s aesthetic, protect your possessions and save energy like motorized shades do -- all while enhancing the function of your other integrated technology. Keep reading to better understand what we mean and why you’re missing out without them. 

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Enhance Your Home with Quiet Comfort from Lutron

Enhance Your Home with Quiet Comfort from Lutron

Lutron’s Palladiom Shades Bring Style, Comfort and Functionality  

How often do you think about the shades in your home?

If you’re like most homeowners, the answer is most likely rarely, if ever. But your shades play a crucial role in the interior design aesthetic of your home as well as keeping your energy costs under control.

This is where Lutron shades come into play. While Lutron is best known for their lighting control systems, their motorized shades have a great deal to offer as well. Today we’re going to focus on Lutron’s Palladiom line of motorized shades, so read on to see all the ways Lutron their luxury line of shades can enhance your Fayetteville home.

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Step into Summer with Smart Shades

Step into Summer with Smart Shades

Add Style and Convenience with Lutron 

As you find yourself in the midst of summer, you’ll also see it’s the best time to bask in the sun rays’ natural glow.  But what about when the sun shines a bit too harshly through your windows?

Lutron shades can help you balance the lighting in your home in Springdale or anywhere in Northwest Arkansas at any time of the day – and will give you endless ways of utilizing and enjoying them too.

In this blog, dive into how you can use your Lutron system and how to best benefit from installing one in your living space today.

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