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Life is Better with High-Quality Audio-Video Solutions

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Let AV Design Consultants Change the Way You Enjoy Your Home

Your Rogers, AR, home is more than just a living space. It’s your family’s sanctuary from the outside world, an entertainment hub, and quite possibly, a workspace. Though many factors contribute to creating the perfect ambiance, nothing quite transforms a house into a home like top-tier audio-video experiences. Keep reading to discover a day-in-the-life look at the magic of innovative AV technologies!

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A Guide to Whole Home Audio Systems

A Guide to Whole Home Audio Systems

At a Glance:

Benefits of Whole Home Audio Installation

Whole-Home Audio Components

What to Consider Before Installation

Find Certified Home Audio Installation Near You

Our Home Audio Expert - Meet the Author

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5 Questions to Answer Before Buying Hi-Fi Speakers


After the dust has settled on the rest of your smart home installations, there’s probably still a spot left in your heart for something that really makes your home pop, your 4K home theater content sing, and your vinyl and hi-fi audio really rip. That’s what new speakers are for.

And not just any speakers – speakers that blow your friends’ minds. Speakers that make your crew want to come over to watch every new movie at your house, even if they weren’t invited. Speakers that your whole family love, but your neighbors don’t. Speakers that are just that good.

But buying new speakers – especially expensive ones – can be tricky, and it isn’t something that you want to do on a whim. To help you and your ears out, we here at AV Design Consultants put together some tips to guide you through the process. It’s time to get listening!

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How 2 Channel Audio Is Providing a Much-Needed Reprieve for Music Lovers


You better get your ears ready for this. 

It's no secret that all of us at AV Design Consultants are music fans and aficionados, and when it comes to your favorite jams, nothing beats 2 channel audio. 

Music is everywhere these days, whether you are streaming Spotify or Pandora in the kitchen, or your kids are listening to their favorite songs on their tablets. But while people are always hearing music, how many of us actually sit down and listen to music? Many people have never had the pleasure of experiencing their favorite music just as the musician intended. It’s a shame because if done correctly, music can be breathtaking.

Music has the power to transport the listener -- to bring joy, to be cathartic, to promote healing, and to relieve stress. In these challenging days, there has never been a better time to invest in your home and create a space that allows you to unlock the power of music. Get ready to fall in love with your music all over again!

That's where 2 channel audio comes in. So, pull up a chair and get ready for your musical world to change.

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Whether you’re starting a new business or upgrading an existing building in The Woodlands, TX area, one room that definitely deserves your full attention is the conference room. It’s a space for meeting important clients, conferring with stakeholders, and communicating with your team, so it makes sense to ensure it is provides everything you need for business success. Keep reading to learn about the best conference room equipment placement and design strategies.


A common mistake is getting a huge screen that practically covers an entire wall, then not leaving enough space between the screen and your conference table. You can actually calculate the best size screen for the room based on the amount of space you have available between the closest seat and the screen’s desired location. Double that distance, and you have the optimal height for the screen. This height/distance setup keeps the people closest to the screen from having to crane their necks or shift to a different spot in order to take in everything on display.



Nothing says disorganized like a conference room table cluttered with cords and equipment. You should never treat your conference table as the permanent location for your projector. Not only does the projector take up needed space and create a messy look, but it’s also probably not height and distance for screen clarity. Instead, invest in a ceiling projector rig, in which the projector is completely hidden until you need it. At the push of the button, the projector lowers from the ceiling into the perfect spot for lighting up the screen.

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With the weather getting warmer in the Lone Star State, many of us are itching to get outdoors to enjoy the sunny climate. From lounging in the pool while listening to your favorite tunes to watching your favorite shows outdoors, you can do it all in your Memorial, TX backyard.

An outdoor sound system elevates your entertainment beyond simply bringing a Bluetooth speaker outside to enjoy while the family hangs out by the firepit at night. Keep reading to learn how an upgraded audio system can elevate your outdoor time, well, in no time!

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A great home design incorporates many ideas. There’s the exterior view; how it looks from the street and its curb appeal. How do the windows play, letting light inside, but also how they look and balance the outside look. What unique exterior finishes or features distinguish this home and makes it stand out?

As a designer, architect, or builder, you know these things better than we do. But we do understand home technology and the role that lighting can play in differentiating a home, highlighting its best aspects, and creating the right ambiance for a home. Any good photographer knows the role that light plays in capturing an image. With the proper lighting, what could be a mundane photo can turn into a spectacular and memorable picture.

Landscape lighting can have that effect on the exteriors of a property. Let us postulate this: if you include the effect of landscape lighting from the beginning on your next home project in the Woodlands, you will multiply the impact of your imaginative designs. Intrigued? Read on for some ideas.

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“Smart home control” and “smart home automation” are terms that are often used interchangeably, but are they the same thing? Short answer: no. Although both technologies are part of the same overall smart home system, they are very different ways of achieving a desired result. Below, we break down the definitions of these terms and what sets them apart from each other. If you’ve been considering adding smart technology to your Houston, Texas home, then keep reading.


A smart control system allows you to manage certain aspects of your home, like light fixtures and window shades, remotely via smartphone, tablet, hand-held remote, or a voice control device like Amazon Alexa. Instead of having to walk into every room to open the window shades, for example, you could just open an app on your phone and close them all instantly. As you leave home for the day, one voice command could cause all of the lights to turn off, the window shades to lower, and the thermostat to adjust.

Home control can be as simple as adding a remote for your lights or as comprehensive as a total solution that manages your home’s audio, video, security, climate, lighting, window treatments, and more!

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