How Voice Control Can Maximize Your Smart Home

How Voice Control Can Maximize Your Smart Home


One essential advantage of voice control is convenience. You can voice-manage any feature of your home automation system with only one accessory when using voice control.

Imagine arriving home in the dark after just returning from the grocery store with your hands full. But with voice commands, you can easily switch on the lights without having to juggle what you have in your hands!. And if you have a smart fridge, you can verbally create a note if you run out of milk and set up a notification reminder.

Voice control can especially help those who are elderly or disabled and have limited mobility as they can easily control any system that is hooked up to the home automation controller via their voice.

Home Security

Another benefit of voice control is how much it’ll improve your home’s security system and effectiveness. A voice control system can integrate with your surveillance cameras, alarm system, smart locks, and motion sensors, allowing you to keep a close eye on what's occurring on and around your property and effortlessly adjust what you need.

Increased Energy Efficiency

When your home is voice-connected, you can have excellent control over the little things like your energy use. Being able to manage your home's lights and temperature with your voice is not only handy, but it can also conserve energy and save household expenses. This will also make it simple for you to stay informed about the general climate in your house and make adjustments.

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3 Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Home Automation System


Lifestyle & Goals

One way to start thinking about what you need in your smart home is to consider your overall lifestyle and goals. Walk through your house, take notes about your daily routine and figure out what can be automated. It will give you a better sense of what your home can look like, fully automated. Do you want to never have to worry about house keys or codes? Do you want your home's thermostat to always be optimized? Have complete surveillance both in and out of your home? You may want all of those things. However, just because there are dozens of options for automation doesn't mean you'll need or want to use them all right away.

Rather than starting with a whole system, you can start with one that controls only a specific home feature like your security, entertainment, thermostats, etc. And that way, you can get scalable home automation systems that let you expand on the system when you want to. But, identifying your overall goal will guide you in effectively selecting your home automation system. This is also the time to establish your budgets.

Functions & Controls

Next, you'll want to choose a home automation setup with controls that are suitable for you. Hardware-based, software-based, or a combination of the two are the three primary types of home automation control centers.

  • Software is designed for people with more complex home automation needs.
  • Hardware is best for simple systems with manual controls.
  • Hybrid systems are ideal if you want to utilize triggers to automate events such as motion-activated sensors and conditional events such as a thermostat that sets a room temperature at a specific time of day.

From there, you can pick a system that has the new innovative functions and includes all of the exciting, high-tech features, such as remote control, smartphone app, and voice control, among other things. If a system requires an app, you should also check if it is compatible with your devices.

After finding a compatible system, double-check that it has all of the features that assure ease of use and efficiency.

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What is Geofencing & How Can It Make Your Smart Home Even Better?

What is Geofencing & How Can It Make Your Smart Home Even Better?

Setting Up Boundaries

What is geofencing? It's a location-based technology that uses GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi, or cellular data to trigger a pre-programmed action when a mobile device enters or exits a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location. Basically, it uses your location to trigger specific actions on smart devices and controls once you've entered or left the virtual boundary you created.

Geofencing is controlled and managed through a Z-wave powered smart hub or panel and combines all your smart devices and controls into one cohesive network. You can set triggers for your lights, security system, smart plugs, GPS trackers, thermostats, door locks, electronic devices, smart appliances, sprinkler systems, and in-home sound systems. That's your entire home!

Keep Cool & Bright

With warmer temperatures on the way, you have to stay on top of your home's utility bill. And if you already have a smart thermostat, you're on the right track. But it can be better.

When used with geofencing, you can set it so your thermostat automatically raises the temperature a few degrees when you leave the house, which helps you save on energy. You can also program the thermostat to lower the temperature once you've reached the boundary of your geofence, so your house begins to cool when you arrive.

As for lights, you can do something similar where your porch lights and interior lights automatically turn on, so you don't come home to a dark house. While you can do that with ordinary smart home automation, this way, you don't have to fiddle with timing and schedules — it's all based on where you, and your smartphone, are currently located!

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Benefits of Smart Door Locks

Benefits of Smart Door Locks

Remote Management for Convenience

With smart door locks, there’s no more worrying if you locked the doors or not as some models allow you to check on your phone’s app. Smart door locks integrate into your home system and allow you to manage your home straight from your phone or home automation system.

When installing, you’re usually able to keep your existing deadbolt hardware in place too, for an added layer of protection. Many smart-lock systems are very accommodating and allow you to have a spot for a key, making it easy to use for people who have trouble with technology.

Know Who’s Coming In and Out

Smart door locks can alert you when doors open and close, and some systems even allow you to give different people their own passcodes, so you know exactly who is entering.

You can also pair your lock with a smart doorbell camera, allowing you to physically see who’s at your door with the click of a button. The personalized passcode feature is perfect for kids, guests, in-home deliveries, or if you’re renting out your home as a vacation spot.

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The 3 Best Home Automation Systems

The 3 Best Home Automation Systems

Our Top Home Automation System Picks

Best Overall: Control4

It’s a common misconception that to have a smart home, you must get it installed during the building phase. Well, we’re here to tell you that Control4 home automation has completely debunked that myth. Whether your home is yet to be built, in the construction process, or has been around for years, Control4 home automation has the power and functionality to make it the smartest one on the market. You’ll be equipped with a universal remote for all of your entertainment equipment ― no matter the manufacturer, meaning you may want to add a few smart lights, door locks, or security cameras as you’re ready to expand. With Control4 home automation, your home can do all of this (and so much more) on an easy-to-operate system the whole family will love and enjoy.

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When it comes to technological innovation, there aren’t as many brands that have been as successful as Creston. Founded in 1972 and available from commercial dealers, Creston has been creating home automation solutions that transform the way people live their lives, making every day easier by improving the overall efficiency and productivity from smart devices around the home. With Crestron, you aren’t just buying the best automation system for home. You’re investing in state-of-the-art and customized solutions while also gaining 24/7 global service and support along the way. Creston offers premium home automation platforms, devices, and systems across residential properties including, but not limited to, homes, yachts, MDUs, and even hotels. 

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Lutron (lighting control only)

If you’re only in the market for automated lighting control, or looking to add it to your modern home space, Lutron is the best option to complement your home automation system. In the fast-growing smart home market, Lutron provides the ideal solution for any space and any budget, whether you’re building a new home or want to upgrade your existing one. Lutron works with more smart home devices than any other smart lighting control brand, making it the perfect pairing for your home automation system. You’ll now be able to control the lights in your home with the slightest ease at the touch of a button, and can even operate from the car to turn lights on as you approach the house. Plus, groups of dimmers can be controlled remotely from an electronic device or universal remote control to make life that much more convenient and relaxing.

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Things to Consider When Selecting an Integrator

Things to Consider When Selecting an Integrator

Know Your Budget

In a new construction project or major remodel, product and installation costs will likely total around 4-10% of your home’s value, however, minor projects generally will be less. It’s important to select an integrator during the early stages of a new build or a remodel to avoid running out of budget or causing delays in your project build cycle. 

An integrator can also offer value adds to the architectural and construction team since they must work with most of the trades at some point during the project. Most importantly, they can help you create a budget up front based on your needs and ensure your goals are met at the end of your project. 

Consider Your Home and the Project

It’s important to hire an integrator who specializes in working with homes similar to the size and value of yours. You can get references from past clients or ask to see some of their previous work for similar projects. The larger the home, the more complex your project is likely to be and it's important to hire a company that has the experience. 

Knowing that your integrator is capable of a project to your scale will relieve stress. In addition, an integrator who provides a range of services is your best option, so if there’s a new project you want to take on, you won't have to go looking for another professional. 

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