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The Benefits of Smart Home Touch Screens and Remotes


It’s time to talk about controlling your smart home. 

The main goal of a smart home is for it to gracefully integrate into your daily life, offering convenience and control options that simply wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Whenever our team at AV Design Consultants designs a project, we keep that in mind. With a focus on ease of use and convenience, two of the best ways to control your smart home are through a smart home touch screens and smart home remotes. 

Don’t get us wrong -- voice control is important and is only going to continue to grow as smart devices improve and can recognize even more commands. But what we’ve found is that more people prefer a combination of voice control, apps, controllers, and remotes. 

This week on our blog, we are going to look at some of the many benefits that touch screens and remotes can bring to your smart home, and how they can help bring about whole new ways of control that you may have yet to consider.

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4 Benefits of a Smart Home Remote


After a long day of working, chasing the kids around, cooking meals, and doing laundry, wouldn’t it be nice if just ONE thing in life was simple?

When you are finally sitting down on the couch for your few precious moments of relaxation – whether those moments are spent listening to music or catching up on your latest Netflix binge session – it would be awesome if you didn’t have to put effort, time, and thought into relaxing.

Well, now you don’t have to. No longer do you have to sit down on the couch and fumble between 50 different remotes to try to find which one controls the audio and which one controls Netflix and which one knows how to turn the TV to the right input. With one remote controlling your whole home automation system, you can easily control your lighting, security, climate, and media all at once from the palm of your hand.

All of us at AV Design Consultants, know you work hard and deserve your relaxation time – and we’re here to help make sure you get it. Let’s take a look at just how a whole home system remote can help make your home life much, much more convenient.

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