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What is a Smart Home Controller?


Are you frustrated with your piecemeal smart home technology?

We get it. All of us here at AV Design Consultants love smart tech! Smart home technology is super fun, and it can be easy to start by picking up a smart speaker, then grabbing a smart thermostat, and maybe throwing in a few smart bulbs, as well. 

The problem: Just because it’s all smart technology, doesn’t mean it all knows how to play well together. Especially as the market grows, you could end up with remotes and apps and switches for your different smart toys, and none of them actually being able to communicate or work well with each other. 

That’s the problem we’re here to help with. With a dedicated smart home controller, all your technology can work together in harmony. To really dive into the benefits of a controller, first let’s start by talking about what a smart home controller is. Then we’ll dig into how it can help take your smart home to the next level.

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