Room by Room Automation: How to Automate Every Room in Your Home with Smart Tech

Room by Room Automation: How to Automate Every Room in Your Home with Smart Tech


The entryway — specifically the door — is the first place to start automating your home. With a smart door lock, you'll get extra peace of mind from the remote locking, specialized codes, and more. You can set it up so the lock senses whenever your smartphone is near and locks or unlocks the door accordingly. And if you connect it to your smart security system, you can set it so that your security system is armed once the door is locked.

And if you add a smart video doorbell to your home, you can also check on who approaches your home from anywhere and remotely talk to them through the speaker, which is helpful if you get a lot of deliveries!

Pro Tip: Add entry sensors to the windows and door and always be alerted to any movement!

Living Room

When it comes to the living room, you can do many things with smart automation, including automating your lights, smart vacuum, speakers, and smart TV.

  • Smart Bulbs: last 10x longer than regular bulbs, use 8.5 watts of electricity, are easy to install, and let you change the color, brightness or dimness, and lighting schedule. You can set up rules to switch on the porch or path light as you come home.
  • Smart Vacuum: Set it so the smart vacuum only runs when you're out of the house, so you don't have to deal with the noise.
  • Smart Speakers: Helps control the entertainment through voice-activated commands or your smartphone.
  • Smart TV: Operate TV through multiple options, including voice command and smartphone usage, so you don't have to worry about losing the remote.
  • Smart Shades: Keep the room perfectly shaded by setting up a schedule or automating it to close whenever there is light.


The kitchen is another great room to add smart technology. With a voice-activated speaker, you can operate other smart appliances with just your voice. You can also add to your shopping list and have your phone remind you what you need when you're in the store, play music, make phone calls, check the weather, ask questions, and play games.

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3 Features of A Smart Office That Will Transform Your Workflow {+1 Bonus}


Voice Control

Voice control is typically thought of as a luxury item for the home. It serves as a personal assistant for completing basic household activities. But, it can also translate well into business use!  Here's how:

Individual Offices: Spoken control devices make it simple to alter the temperature and lights, take notes, ask for an online search, and make phone calls with a single voice command. There's no need to waste time switching tasks and risk losing concentration.

Conference Rooms: Let's imagine you're in charge of a meeting that includes several technology devices such as laptops, projectors, lighting control systems, and possibly more.

If your business automation has voice control, you can adjust the lights and start your presentation with a simple voice command. With this technology handling the heavy lifting, you can concentrate on making a great first impression, no problem. Just imagine the effect when the lights go out, and the presentation begins at your command!

Climate And Lighting Control

In an office space, there are always some people who prefer it cold, while others prefer it warmer. It can be difficult for businesses to please each employee. But, thanks to smart technology, it's now a lot easier. Employees can now manage the temperature in the office, saving money and energy.

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How to Go On Vacation Worry-Free with Smart Automation

How to Go On Vacation Worry-Free with Smart Automation

Smart Video Doorbell

Since 34 percent of burglars enter through the front door regardless of the lock, the first step to controlling your home while you're gone starts with your front porch. With a smart video doorbell featuring motion detection, you'll know exactly when someone is approaching the door — even if they haven't rung the doorbell.

Most smart video doorbells have a built-in microphone and intercom, allowing you to communicate with whoever approaches your front door no matter where you are. Add-in smart automation triggers like making your porch lights turn on whenever motion is detected and deterring burglars or porch pirates are much more manageable.

Smart Locks

One sure-fire sign that no one is home is a pile of packages on the front porch — but a smart lock with personalized codes and remote locking capabilities is just what you need. With a unique guest code, you can have a trusted neighbor, house-sitter, or relative come by to place your packages inside and have the system automatically lock when they leave.

And if you have a smart doorbell, you can even direct the delivery person to leave your packages inside with the built-in speaker and lock the door remotely when they leave. But if you don't trust people in your home, you can direct your deliveries to be placed in your garage using your smart doorbell and smart garage door opener.

Pro Tip: If you are directing a delivery, do not mention that you're on vacation; simply say you can't come to the door.

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5 Ways To Hide Your Home Tech {+1 Bonus}

5 Ways To Hide Your Home Tech {+1 Bonus}

In Plain Sight

The perfect hiding spot for your smaller devices is sometimes in plain sight. Places like baskets, shelves, or even plants can hide small devices like voice-activated assistants or speakers. Keep your gadget in a stylish woven basket, and place a small plant next to it to conceal the device further. You can also hide them behind pictures or items on shelves, same with other small equipment. You could even disguise wires behind a curtain. Get crafty! You may already know of a great spot!

Opt for an Entertainment Center

Television cables are one of the most noticeable places that could do with a clever cover-up. They tend to sit in the center of the living room and become a point of focus to you and potential guests. Luckily, you can hide television cables easily with an entertainment center. These tend to have many more storage options and configurations than a TV stand or media console, making them a great spot to store your speakers, projector, gaming system, or other media equipment. They can also add a decorative touch to your design style and be a nice spot to showcase your décor items.

Build It In

There are a lot of home tech items that can be built into the design of your home and make it easier to blend them into your design. Invisible speakers can be installed in the walls or ceilings and then plastered over—no one will ever suspect that an amazing sound system hides behind your wall!

If you prefer a projector over a tv, disguise it behind the back wall of your living room or construct a discreet lift that allows the projector to disappear into the ceiling when not in use.

Match Your Gadgets to Your Space

If you have prior experience furnishing a room, you know working with a limited color palette can help make a space appear more spacious. While overly colored interiors can tend to feel cluttered.

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