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Connect Your Teams with Top-Tier Video Conferencing

An in-office team utilizing high-end video conferencing solutions to communicate with a remote team on the screen.

These High-End Audiovisuals Improve Your Work Environment

Hybrid teams can keep employees on task and productive when work locations aren’t limited to one office building. However, keeping these teams in communication - the remote staff and those physically in the office - can become quite a challenge without the right tools in place.

If you want seamless communication between the teams, then high-quality video conferencing solutions are essential for your Rogers, AR company. Want to learn more about commercial AV upgrades for your workplace? Keep reading below.

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Simplify Video Conferencing for Your Company



These days, video conferencing has become the go-to for most employees across the board – for those working from home to the in-office employees holding down the fort. No matter what, video conferencing has alleviated the pressure from the lack of in-person collaboration and bridges the gap between your remote and in-office team.

For a system you can trust and rely on in your Fort Smith, AR offices, you need the right tools and technologies. In this blog, we’ll dive into what makes up your commercial AV setup to elevate your next virtual meeting with your employees.

Keep reading on below to find out more!

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3 Signs Your Boardroom AV Is Stuck in the Past

3 Signs Your Boardroom AV Is Stuck in the Past

We’ll Show You How to Welcome Your Arkansas Business to the Next Decade!

Imagine you invited a prospect to your Fort Smith office - the one that you’ve been trying to capture for years. You’ve prepared your presentation and brought in the best catering; overall, the conversation went well. But the more you replay the event, you realize that they cracked a joke about your old AV equipment, and then you suddenly remember that uncomfortable network lag mid-videoconference. 

Conference room blunders can cost you money. In a business setting, too many communication breakdowns, AV issues or scheduling problems don’t just damage your reputation: They could also cause you to lose out on business partnerships.

Expert integrators like AV Design Consultants can usually walk into a conference room and point out the problematic or outdated setups right away. Unfortunately, so can some of your key contacts and clients. How can you mitigate this issue? We’ll walk through three telltale signs your conference room could use some updates and how we’d fix them.

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