Networking Solutions Improve These 3 Industries

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Discover How a Better Connection Enhances Operations

From training new employees to communicating with global teams from your Rogers, AR, boardroom, your company’s connected devices rely heavily upon robust network solutions. 

The blog below explores three industries that can improve productivity and efficiency with a new or upgraded commercial network infrastructure. Keep scrolling for more!

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Huddle rooms, conference spaces, and personal offices all improve with network solutions such as wireless access points, secure passwords and firewalls, and the latest Wi-Fi 6 equipment. Network traffic is heavy in office buildings, so systems that appropriately triage network traffic ensure everyone’s connected without experiencing dropped videoconference calls, lagging downloads, or delayed building automation responses.


Hotel guests want a relaxing home away from home, even when traveling for work. Incorporate digital signage so guests can navigate your hotel without frustration, and add speedy, password-protected Wi-Fi access to guests’ rooms so they can stay connected.


Restaurants and bars have an incredible amount of technology within them, and a network upgrade will ensure everything works efficiently, even during lunchtime and dinnertime rushes! Distributed AV systems can stream music and TV over network cables. Bar staff can easily change the channel between games without fumbling with multiple remotes, and restaurant employees can adjust the music volume with the swipe of a finger on a touchscreen. 

Workplace Integration

Not only can you upgrade your network solutions by working with a professional technology integrator like AV Design Consultants, but you can incorporate the latest technologies, too. From videoconferencing platforms that make brainstorming with a hybrid workforce more collaborative to building access control that keeps employees safe, a fully integrated business is simpler to operate.

Looking for a way to improve the way you do business in the Rogers area or beyond? Then it’s time to start from the ground up with a professionally designed network. Fill out our contact form to start a conversation. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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