3 Signs Your Home Network Setup is Failing You

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You Might Need a Home Network Upgrade

In today's world, connectivity is a must-have utility. We depend on it for so many daily activities in Bentonville, AR, whether for school, work, or entertainment. When your connectivity falters, sometimes it's hard to figure out the culprit in your home network setup. Keep reading for three signs that your network might require some expert help.

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Slow Connections

Slow connections may be hard to diagnose. Sometimes a simple device restart can fix a connection. If other devices are having a similar problem, then your router might be the issue. One way to narrow things down is to check performance on devices with wired connections, like a desktop computer or a smart TV. If the wired device is OK, you have a wireless issue. 

Weak Wireless Signal

Do you have many places in your house where your wireless device drops the connection? It's common to have a strong signal in one area and next to none in other spots, making for frustration. If you are using the router/modem from your internet service provider, it may not be robust enough for your home, especially a larger one. That can be remedied by newer routers with updated technology as well as strategically installed wireless access points. 

4K Streaming Hiccups

Did you know that 4K video requires 3-4 times the bandwidth of HD video? Now that so much content is available in 4K resolution, multiple devices streaming simultaneously might cause buffering or freezes. You might have a fast enough internet connection, but some routers may not have the power to keep up serving multiple video streams. 

Do any of these problems ring true with your network setup? We can help with an assessment of your network performance and recommend appropriate upgrades. Give our team at AV Design Consultants a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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